When you hear better, you live better. Let smart hearing aids do all the work.

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When you hear better, you live better. Let smart hearing aids do all the work.

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Hearing is one of our primary senses.

Maintaining our best health and well-being requires periodic attention to our sense of hearing all through our lives. It doesn’t have to consume us, but a regular hearing test, habitual use of hearing protection, and treatment for hearing loss are all important ways to maintain our best health and well-being throughout our lives.

Focus Hearing is one of the premier hearing healthcare and audiology practices in the Kansas City area. We bring a broad range of solutions to any hearing-related issues and are committed to offering the best in protection and treatment for patients of all needs.

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State-of-the-Art Solutions for Hearing Loss

Hearing loss brings a lot of unwelcome changes to our lives. At Focus Hearing, we understand that everyone is different, and we take an individual approach to find the best solution for your particular hearing loss and lifestyle. Whatever matters most to you, we’ll help you find a way to keep hearing loss from interfering.

Focus Hearing employs experienced, licensed hearing instrument specialists and audiologists. We get to the bottom of why you’re having hearing issues, so we’re sure to find the most appropriate treatment for your situation. Hearing care should not be about changing your life to accommodate your hearing instruments, but finding the right hearing instruments to accommodate your lifestyle. We work with each of our patients to determine the best course of treatment for the things that matter most to them.

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Even mild hearing loss causes us to change the way we relate to the world around us. Have you noticed yourself getting tired earlier in social situations? Earlier social fatigue is a major indicator of hearing loss. Especially in larger groups and when background noise is louder, hearing loss can be exhausting! Treating hearing loss helps you stay tuned in to the people around you for longer, and to enjoy your time with them much more.

Mild hearing loss can also contribute to memory issues. While evidence for this is anecdotal, those with untreated mild hearing loss are indeed much more likely to report having memory issues than those with normal hearing or who wear hearing aids. This is likely because the hearing center in our brain is closely tied to short-term memory. When we have to work harder with other parts of our brain to understand what is being said, it is also harder to commit that understanding to memory!


As hearing loss progresses, it is tied to other unfortunate outcomes like headaches, depression, anxiety, social isolation, and even earlier onset of cognitive decline and dementia. The World Health Organization has named untreated hearing loss as the #1 modifiable risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease, ahead of 11 others.

Don’t ignore your hearing loss! At Focus Hearing, we’ll work with you to find the best solution to treat your hearing loss so you can continue to enjoy life as you always have. We’re committed to finding the treatment that best fits your lifestyle!

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Comprehensive Hearing Tests

Focus Hearing offers comprehensive hearing tests to people of all ages. Regular hearing testing is an important way to maintain your best hearing ability over time. Rather than waiting until hearing loss becomes unavoidably noticeable, regular hearing testing can help you throughout your life to improve your methods of hearing protection and avoid unnecessary hearing loss.

The Better Hearing Institute, a non-profit organization, recommends getting a hearing test once every decade until age 50, and once every three years after that. Those in higher-risk professions or with a higher risk of hearing loss due to their medical history should be tested even more frequently.

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When should you get a hearing test?

  • If you have not been tested in the last 10 years.
  • If you work around loud sounds or spend a lot of recreational time around loud sounds, you should be tested each year.
  • Has someone else suggested you might have hearing loss? It’s usually another person who first points out that we’re having hearing issues.
  • Do you frequently ask people to repeat themselves?
  • Is it difficult to focus on speech in noisy environments?
  • Is it hard to hear people on the telephone?
  • Do other people frequently ask you to turn down the music or the television?
  • Are you noticing tinnitus or “ringing in the ears?”
Whether you think you might be having hearing issues, or you’re simply due for a hearing test, Focus Hearing can help empower you with a better understanding of your hearing health over time.
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MaryAnne Barfield
MaryAnne Barfield
First time wearing hearing aids for me Shannon & her staff made the whole experience so easy and professional took all the anxiety & fear out of getting hearing aids I highly recommend them also very affordable
Judy Noah
Judy Noah
Focus Hearing is a wonderful place for hearing needs ! I was there in March 2022 For my first appt and was treated very well and took care of my needs in a timely manner! The staff is extremely pleasant and efficient ! You won’t be disappointed !!
Anne Dale
Anne Dale
I’m still in my Trial Phase in my Hearing Aids, but I am so pleased with them already! Until Shannon Schneller fitted them after my hearing test, I had no idea how relaxing it was to HEAR so easily and clearly! I didn’t realize how long I had been struggling to make out words and meaning from conversations! Hearing sound was not the issue, but clarity was. Now I am more confident and comfortable around people; I’m not afraid of embarrassing myself by misunderstanding speech. Recently I attended an excellent high school production of the Disney Musical “Frozen”. What a delight to use the Universal setting on my Horizon APP that focused the sound in front and on both sides! This is an amazing set of comfortable hearing aids! I wear glasses to see better—why did I wait so long to HEAR better?!
Richard Pinsonneault
Richard Pinsonneault
In the last thirty days, I've purchased hearing aids, and have also had a follow up appointment with this company. Their professionalism is unsurpassed. They've introduced me to a whole new life. I can now easily hear the beautiful voices of my wife, daughters, and granddaughter, without having to ask, "what," 2-3 times. Life is good. Thank you, Shannon!
Karen Snyder
Karen Snyder
Problem solved thanks to Annie. Ken Snyder
Lisa Lauver
Lisa Lauver
The doctors are great. They made my Mom feel comfortable and explained insurance coverage up front so no surprises